About Uche

Uche Jombo made her film debut as an actress over 13 years ago in 'Visa to Hell.' We have watched her evolve into one of the most successful, serious-minded actresses of her generation, redirecting her career with her role in the hit movie Games Men Play, a film in which she doubled as an actress and co-script writer. This reassures her fans that beneath the pristine exterior lurks a woman with many talents: an actor, writer and producer.

She is in all modesty a true product of hard work and self belief, having gained recognition as one of the most respected female acts who worked her way to the top. She has won the unflinching admiration of millions of fans worldwide and yet continues to blaze the trail, inspiring upcoming acts around her.

With the dynamics that come with the job, she has evolved and has achieved international recognition as a versatile actress; she's has over 60 movies to her acting credit, 20 screenplays and 14 movies as an executive producer.

A believer in the new Nollywood (new era), she is committed to seeing a quantum leap in the quality of the movies in the industry via her production company UCHE JOMBO STUDIOS.

Uche Jombo is the executive producer of movies such as Nollywood Hustlers, Holding Hope, Damage, Broken Silence, My Life My Damage, The Place, A Mother's Fight, Misplaced, Lies Men Tell, False, After the Proposal, Unconditional, Under Your Skin, Oge's Sister, Almost Perfect.

She operates an NGO, Uche Jombo and You, helping the Nigerian youth with dreams of becoming writers and actors actualize their dreams.